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What is Butane?
It is a new Synthetics protocol on Cardano.
Where can I find the whitepaper?
I'll send you it here
The cover of the Butane Protocol whitepaper

PDF Document

available as a file to download

Wen Testnet?
Wen Launch?
Let's not get ahead of ourselves. Testnet is planned for December.
What oracle are you going to use?
We're developing a multi-faceted solution to oracles.
How can I get involved in the community?
Follow our Twitter! @butaneprotocol
Join our Discord!
Make content about Butane!
How is governance going to work?
We will make governance upgradable. Governance is a top priority after launch, we plan to fully hand Butane Protocol controls over to the community within our first year.
Will the team actually be present consistently to address the community and be a part of the community?
Yes, this is incredibly important to us.
Rethinking *efficiency* regarding technical aspects (tx speed/tx size) and/or capital efficiency?
What are atomic liquidations?
Liquidations which don't have any other UTxO dependencies.
What synths do you hope to have on launch and which ones do you plan to add after in the first year-ish?
We're planning on BTC and USD as our primary first synthetics. We're also considering indices such as NASDAQ and the S&P.
an evil duck
What the duck!?
What have you open-sourced already?
Here is our technical mvp